Songs about Greece and Cyprus

Greek songs collection
This page contains songs, which are obviously related to Greece. Some songs concern political developments in Greece and Cyprus (wars, protests), some name actors, authors and singers, others name streets, districts, towns and islands of Greece and Cyprus; some of the songs are about greek nature. In other words, the collection consists of lyrics taken from songs and it can be easily understood that they are about something Greek. From the lyrics of the songs, it can be easily understood that they are about something Greek.

My Athens, how to tell you that I love you like my mother
Σοφία Βέμπο (Sofia Vembo) - Αθήνα και πάλι Αθήνα (Athens and again Athens)
I sing about Greece, about Greece, which I love
Καίτη Γαρμπή (Katy Garbi) - Γαλάζιο και λευκό (Blue and white)
In Drapetsone we don't have life anymore
Αντώνης Ρέμος (Antonis Remos) - Δραπετσώνα (Drapetsona)
You are not Marinella in Irodio, I am not Mitropanos in "Iera Odos"
Κώστας Μακεδόνας (Kostas Makedonas) - Δυο άνθρωποι μικροί (Two small people)
Here is Greece, you see, here is Greece, here our ancient ancestor gave birth to the light
 Δυτικός Άνεμος ( Ditikos Anemos) - Εδώ είναι Ελλάδα ρε (Here is Greece, you see)
We live in a magic world with Acropolis and Lycabettus on background
Χάρις Αλεξίου (Haris Aleksiou) - Ελένη (Eleni)
I will find you in the light of Aegean sea
 Σαρμπέλ ( Sarbel) - Καυτό καλοκαίρι (Hot summer)
Blue summer eyes, like two drops of Aegean sea
Γιάννης Πάριος (Yannis Parios) - Μάτια μπλε (Blue eyes)
Take as cabin boy, (As)Cabin boy resident of Syros, (As) Boatswain resident Piraeus
Γιώργος Ζαμπέτας (Yorgos Zabetas) - Οι θαλασσινοί (The islanders)
Risen from the holy bones Of the Greeks And valliant as before Hail, o hail, Liberty!
 Χορωδία ( Choir) - Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν (ελληνικός ύμνος) (Hymn to Liberty (Greek anthem))